Photos that impact your audience and grow your business.

The social Light

The Social Light session is a fun, and easy way to get your hands on an abundant variety of personalized images that can be used in a multitude of ways to impact your audience and grow your business!

This fully-guided session delivers an attention-grabbing collection of images that completely change the game when it comes to showing up consistently AND authentically for your clients. With your very own collection of bespoke images, shining your light on pretty much any social platform has never been easier!

Wanna know the best thing about The Social Light Session? It's a simple 3 step process that only takes a few hours!

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  • A fully guided experience from start to finish.
  • Artistic direction and planning.
  • A 3-hour session featuring YOU!
  • Over 100 personalized, high-res images that illustrate who you are and what you do.
  • Ease when it comes to showing up consistently, authentically and like the pro that you are!
  • More engagement & inquiries.
  • More dream clients.
  • More opportunities.
  • Memories of that last a life-time.
  • The fascinating experience of seeing yourself through the lens of a professional photographer.
  • Evidence that women entrepreneurs like you are changing the world!

SImple 3 step Process:

I. artistic Direction & Planning meeting

The Social Light session kicks off with an hour long planning meeting prior to the shoot. In this meeting I'll ask questions that help me get a sense of who you are and what your business is all about. From there we'll do some brainstorming and decide upon the concept and other details of your shoot.

II. The SHoot

Get ready to have a lot of fun while taking the outcome seriously! During the shoot we'll follow our plan leaving a little wiggle room for some spontaneity. 3 Hours gives us plenty of time to cover multiple ideas, wardrobe changes and locations. Oh, and don't worry about knowing how to pose, I'm here to help with that. While I always encourage free expression, you can count on me to direct you when needed.

III. Receiving your bespoke collection

Shortly after our session (approximate 2 weeks) you will receive a beautifully curated online gallery containing all of the edited highlights from our session. The Social Light session delivers an abundance of images that will help you shine your light on any platform you can think of. And my favourite part is that your photos will be ready to share as soon as you receive them!

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To book: Select your preference from the options below and once you've made your payment look out for an email from me containing your receipt, a link to book your planning call as well as next steps. If you have any questions prior to booking please let me know using the contact form.

Pay In full (via E-transfer)

Get the lowest rate by making a single payment direct from your account to mine.

Pay In full $1750 + HST



Enjoy the perks of paying by credit with a small credit card processing fee included in the total.

Pay In full $1800 + HST


Pay in 2 equal Instalments

Get what you want when you want it with 2 equal instalments, 30 days apart. Processing fee incl.

2 X $925 + HST


*Shoot dates are on a first come first serve basis and can not be reserved without a payment. Payments are non-refundable and there is a $250 fee to reschedule the date of your session more than once.*

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