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I'm Shannon. I create personalized photo collections for women like you so you have tools at your fingertips to support you in attracting your dream clients, building an audience that trusts you and growing your business, without burning out!

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"A portrait is more than just a beautiful photo, it's a powerful, transformational tool."

—Anna Swisterski, Client



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"LOVE SO MUCH! I just went through again - there are so many great photos, I am so pleased!"

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Where all your personal branding photography dreams come true

Attention entrepreneurs!

This session is designed to make it easier for women like you to experience more ease and expansion when it comes to showing up online for your clients!! I get how important it is to you to be there for your audience. I also get that you want to make the most out of each day.

The Social Light is a high-impact solution that delivers an abundant collection of personalized images that you can use in a multitude of ways to experience growth. And guess what? It only takes a few hours.

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