Thinking Grand

The 3 month group coaching program for creatives who want to go from talented hobbyists to income-earning professionals.

Don't let the start be what stops you!!!

After years of trying and failing to earn money doing what I love, I decided to invest in a coach who could help me understand what I needed to stop doing and what I needed to start doing to get the results I had been dreaming of for over a decade.

Hiring a coach truly was the "TSN turning point" in my career. I used to believe I could either make "good money" by doing something that felt tedious and monotonous OR scrape by doing something I actually find meaningful and fulfilling. You're probably familiar with the "starving artist" narrative. Well, I bought into it for a long time, and I'm so happy to report it's total BS!! I know this because of the results I achieved from implementing what my coach taught me. I not only turned my passion for portraiture into a stream of income, I turned it into a stream of income strong and steady enough to live very comfortably.

Needless to say, I was astounded by the drastic change in my results. This is what inspired me to become a certified Life Coach. I don't want to keep all these secrets to myself! I want to share what I've learned through my experiences and help other creatives like you feel the joys and benefits of turning your passion into your income too!!

Are you ready to make money doing what you love?

Getting paid to do what you love is easier than you think! And you don't need a degree in business to own or run your own business really, really well.

If you already know your way around your craft pretty well, your current experience and knowledge are enough to start today!!

It can be really simple!

What if I told you it can be as simple as creating a single offer, telling the right people about it and getting comfortable selling yourself?

That's it! It really is that simple. And yet we humans tend to believe doing these things will be complicated and super risky. As a result it's common to fear change.

When fear arises our minds default to automatic behaviours and ways of thinking that keep us safe. This is an awesome built-in feature until it has us believing it's too risky to leave our zone of familiarity for something uncertain even if we deeply desire it.

I know that stepping into the unknown can be scary but let me tell you...

It is so worth it!

As someone who has turned my passion into income, I can go on about why it's so worth confronting the fears that get between us and our dreams.

For me the #1 reason is that achieving my goal of earning money doing what I love, something I would happily do for free, truly feels like hitting the jackpot in life.

I used to dread going into my 9-5 job and now I get to spend my days working on a business that is deeply meaningful to me and allows me to spend more of my time here on this earth doing what I love while experiencing the fulfilment of making a difference in someone's life.

To reach this point I had to start... thinking grander!

Thinking grand

In this inspiring group program you start with the simple goal of making your investment back.

I'll walk you through every step and tell you everything you need to know to keep things simple in the early stages of earning money doing what you love! I'll also tell you everything you don't need to do, so you don't lose focus on your goal.

In the beginning you might think you need the perfect website, a list of impressive clients, a business degree, thousands of followers, or a fancy studio filled with high-end equipment.

You don't! You can start earning money doing what you love with the equipment and resources you have access to now.

Closing the knowing/doing gap

What i've learned along my journey of turning my passion into income is that knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different very things.

I've also learned that we are so much more likely to take action when we know we have guidance, support, accountability and structure from someone who has done it before.

One more thing I've learned is that it's a lot more fun and inspiring to take action when you're surrounded by other like-minded creatives who are also willing to do what it takes to reach their goals. We're all in this together!

When you join Thinking Grand you'll...

  • Learn skills and tools to earn your investment back over and over and over again.
  • Start earning money doing what you love
  • Expand your self-awareness and build self-trust
  • Develop your business knowledge and confidence
  • Deepen your understanding of money
  • Grow your network
  • Uncover more of your potential
  • Work with the rhythms of the universe
  • Leverage the power of your mind and the law of attraction
  • Take inspired action and free yourself from limitations
  • Embody the teachings and become the income-earning professional creative you've always wanted to be!!

Thinking Grand program Details

The program runs from March 4th - May 27th

All the lessons and coaching sessions will happen on zoom with replays available.

You'll have access to:

Live Weekly Thinking Grand Lessons with Homework

Mondays @ Noon EST


Live Weekly Group Coaching

Thursdays @ Noon EST


Support from me between calls

“on demand” via email & Whatsapp


Private Facebook Community where you can connect with other members and access lesson and coaching call replays, homework, resources, tools and exercises.

Thinking Grand Curriculum

Week 1 - Orientation

Week 2 - The HOW is in the WHO

Week 3 - Your Burning Desire

Week 4 - Taking Inspired Action

Week 5 - The Energy that is Money

Week 6 - Offers & Pricing

Thinking Grand Curriculum

Week 7 - Marketing & Sales

Week 8 - Attracting your dream clients

Week 9 - Income Generating Activities

Week 10 - Overcoming Fears & Blocks

Week 11 - Execution & Service Delivery

Week 12 - Keeping the creative juices flowing

Week 13 - Graduation

Self-awareness + mindset + business + Inspired action = Success

In just 3 months you could be earning money doing what you love, if you...

start thinking grand today

Pay me a grand, I'll show you how to make a grand over and over and over again!!

$1000 + HST