documentary-style portrait photography

The muse Session

in this session The artist becomes the muse

Is art a lot more than a hobby to you?

Do you see yourself as an artist AND an entrepreneur?

Do you want to show up with more confidence, impact more people with your stunning work and grow your biz?

The Muse Session is made JUST FOR YOU!

The Muse is set in the location where you create your art. This 2 hour experience is a combination of me capturing you candidly while you work away in your element and me posing you within your environment to take your portrait. 

This amusing session delivers an online gallery containing an abundant variety of photos of you, your process, your space, your materials, your works in progress and whatever else we see that will help you tell your story with more joy and ease.

What you get:

  • A guided experience.
  • Tools to express yourself with. Photos speak louder than words!
  • Over 100 Personalized images that will make you feel confident and authentic about how you show up.
  • The ability to show up consistently, proudly and like the pro that you are!
  • New connections with dream clients.
  • Trust with your audience.
  • More engagement & inquiries.
  • Memories that last a life-time.
  • The fascinating experience of seeing yourself through the lens of another human.
  • Photographic evidence of how brilliantly talented and valuable women are!

How it works:

I. Pre-Shoot

In the Muse session I use a documentary-style approach which means less planning and more free-flowing. Prior to your session I will provide you with a digital guide that covers everything you need to know to prepare for your session!

II. The Shoot

The Muse session lasts 2 hours and is set in the location where you create your art like your studio or in "plein-air", for example. During the session there will be moments where I'll focus on capturing you candidly in your element and other moments where I will pose you in flattering light for portraits.

III. post-shoot

Shortly after our session you will receive a beautifully curated online gallery containing all of the edited highlights from our session. The Muse session delivers a variety of candid photos, portraits and details shots that tell the story of you and your art. And my favourite part is that you can download and start sharing your photos as soon as you receive them!

The Investment

option 1: pay In full

This simple option allows you to skip the service fees and lock in the best rate.

$1500 + HST

option 2: pay in instalments

Break down the payment and sign up today!

2 x $800 + HST