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Warm & Fuzzies

"When I first saw your portrait photography, I was immediately in awe of your ability to capture the essence of your subjects in the most delightful way. I was sure they were all models, with everything ideally placed and planned.  Your photos are incredibly professional and profoundly beautiful. 

I desired for you to take my pictures, to authentically capture my character and soul this way. It took a long time for me to get up the nerve to ask you because I was afraid you would say no. I thought a photographer of this calibre has got to be unapproachably busy...that you wouldn't have time for the likes of me : ) Well, you were utterly charming to work with from the very first email. You put all my anxieties at ease, and I knew I could trust you completely. 

You have a remarkable eye and understanding for encapsulating who we sincerely are and envision ourselves to be. From our initial meeting to the final vibrant edits--you got me. You also have a radiant aura about you that made me feel relaxed, and inspired!

The experience was transformational, and I cannot recommend you enough for all women seeking to empower themselves and their brand.

I am looking forward to our next session!" - Leelee MacDonald

"Shannon is a patient, talented, focused photographer who knows her stuff. She is quick to make decisions and take control if you need direction during the session. Getting a fresh set of photos helps liven up content on social media, helps market yourself and draw attention to your brand. Seeing my portraits felt really good. Every year I find more bits and pieces of myself as I grow and these pictures really show me. They have been my acting head shots since I got them, and I've used them to update my various profiles on audition posting websites. I felt like each different look really spoke to what I was hoping to get out of the shoot. I have used these beautiful portraits to get work in Theatre and it could be a coincidence, but since using your portraits I've gotten two dream contracts! Yay!" - Aimee Poulin

"Our session allowed my to see myself in a new light. They truly captured the point I'm at in life right now and gave me the medium to express that for potential clients/patients. It has been such a gift to use pictures for my business that I feel proud of and confident in. 

Working with Shannon felt so comfortable and uplifting. I felt truly beautiful when I saw the finished product and felt confident using the photos to present myself in the digital space. When you are your brand it is so important to feel like a photo is a true representation of who you are and it felt so good to have portraits that I feel people can connect with." - Amanda Satov

"I've been super happy with the entire experience of course, and have been using them just about everywhere. I loved the indulgence of getting a session with you! The only thing I would change was the thing we couldn't change and I knew from the beginning -- that beachy tropics is not my natural habitat so I was really out of my element, but I could not imagine being with anyone else in such a situation. It's so easy to work with Shannon and every moment from inquiry to delivery was done with so much style and professionalism. It's super clear from the start her aesthetic and expectation of quality. During the shoot I had a wonderful time and had complete trust, as Shannon is the perfect mix of decisive and creative. Total pro!" - Schmoo Theune

"I love working with Shannon. I got to look at myself in a different light. I started to appreciate how I looked in minimal makeup and feel more comfortable with my natural self. She's very easy going and knows exactly her visions while still taking yours into consideration. She's definitely an embodiment of "women supporting women"" - Nico Snider

"I had such a blast during my head shot session with Shannon. As a person, she is down to earth, calm, and such fun. As a photographer, she puts her subject at ease, and is completely open to collaboration. We managed to have a fun adventure while getting our photos, and it felt more dynamic because we were finding our spaces as we traveled on foot. Also, her packages are filled with so many extra details that you don't find in regular session packages in regards to circulation and promotion of her subjects, so it feels like an artist supporting her fellow artists." - Leah Pritchard

"As soon as I saw Shannon's portfolio of beautiful portraits, I knew I had to hire her. I loved how authentic and comfortable her clients looked, so I was sold. The experience was beyond what I could have hoped. Shannon was inquisitive and attentive to detail, so the shots all made sense for my branding. She was so relaxed, which put me at ease. I love the photos so much, selecting the finals was the hardest part!! I'll be back for more, that's for sure." - Catherine Farquharson

"I hired Shannon for an Icebreaker session because I wanted to have some photographs of me at work, doing what I love, making art. I needed images to use for my website, for my social media and for promotional opportunities.
I knew she was a talented photographer because I had seen the portraits on her website. What I didn’t know is how easy she would make it for me to be comfortable in front of her lens. The time flew by. I think Shannon gave me just the right amount of direction because the photos are both very natural and very flattering. She understands the lighting both indoors and outdoors and worked beautifully maximizing the warmth of late day. Shannon’s photos make me look confident and at ease. I’m thrilled with the range of images I have to choose from: me at work in my studio doing various things and me in my place of inspiration.
Her icebreaker session is well worth the investment. If you’re not curious to see how Shannon sees you doing your thing... you should be!" - Debbie Farquharson

"I was launching new work in the area of “digital wellness” - helping people to have healthier relationships with their technology, and while I hadn’t nailed the whole thing down, I knew the direction I was going. I decided to go ahead with a photo shoot so I’d have what I needed once I was ready to launch. I had seen some of Shannon’s portrait work with other people and was so impressed at how she captured their strength, focus and authenticity so I booked a session!

From the start, working with Shannon was incredibly easy and stress free. The actual shoot was great and I enjoyed it and felt like I was fully myself. Before it, I’d looked at a few of her other portrait sessions to get an idea of options for the look and feel and figured out some outfits I felt great in. Loved that she didn’t press me to “change” anything about myself, add more make-up, or do something different with my hair. I felt really in control of how I chose to present myself and appreciated that. At the shoot, she had some great ideas about locations, activities, and when I asked, gave me feedback on what I chose to wear. It was a totally fun afternoon!

I’m so pleased with the images! As well as having them to use across online platforms, I have them to look at and “see” myself in my new work, living my goal. Not surprisingly, my business development has leapt forward in the past weeks. Thanks Shannon!" - Karen Jones

"Shannon is BRILLIANT!!! She is exceptional at what she does!!! The photos I received were beyond my imagination. Working with Shannon instantly felt like becoming fast friends which put me at such ease. These images are EVERYTHING to me. Shannon captured the Real me and created a sense of order in my mind of how others are perceiving me and not the me of my limiting beliefs and perceptions. The images have given me confidence, strength and courage to move forward in my business as well as in my personal life." - Anna Swisterski

"Thank you for your beautiful photogrprahy and the time and care you put into capturing my heart and vision for the joy of missing out, I am grateful!

Shannon is a pro. I loved working with her!" - Christina Crook

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