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A portrait is more than just a beautiful photograph, 

it's also a powerful and transformational tool.

Book any of the sessions listed below and enjoy:

Positively transforming the way you see yourself

Feeling worthy & unstoppable

Boosting to your confidence levels

Lifelong memories of your badass self

A collection of Photos that you love looking at and sharing

Weeks worth of stunning social media content

Watching your number of likes and followers grow

Inspiring others

Each Personalized Session Includes:

Session planning & preparation

Styling assistance

A fun & easy going 1-on-1 portrait session

Quick & easy online process to select your favourite photos

Professional retouching

A collection of transformational portraits

High-res digital images ready for all print and web applications

A feature in my newsletter and social media

Optional Payment Plan

I love watching my subjects' confidence grow.

If you're looking to sign up for a transformational portrait experience with a passionate professional, you are in the right place. I have over 10 years of experience working closely with women and I offer a variety of portrait sessions that are designed to meet their various needs.  

Maybe you're here to:

Get new photos for your website
Update your profile pic
Celebrate a Milestone
Create epic memories of your badass self

Whatever the reason, I've got you!  

I love creating collections specifically for women because I believe that portraits are transformational tools that are capable of amplifying the way a woman sees herself.  Helping women access these tools is important to me because I've learned that most women, including myself, struggle with feeling confident. In fact a lot of us even subconsciously fight off confidence by doing things like deflecting compliments and minimizing accomplishments. The unfortunate thing is that when we unconsciously do those things, we're actually limiting ourselves from what we really want in life. For instance, we stop ourselves from doing things like asking for what we want in our relationships and taking risks in our careers, sound familiar?

Let me show you that there's a kinder way of seeing yourself.  A way that enables you to go after anything you want in life.

Are you ready to see yourself in a new light?

The 4 Hour Session

What's your story? This session is the perfect way for you to access an extensive collection of empowering portraits that help you connect with yourself as the main character of your story. Book this session to illustrate yourself authentically within your element and inspire others in the process.  Explore multiple looks, activities, locations and lighting conditions throughout the shoot to illustrate different parts of your unique character. 

Love yourself in an entirely new way by investing in this transformative portrait experience.

4 hr Personalized Portrait Session 
40 professionally retouched digital images
Starting at $1200 CAD.

The 2 Hour Session

This session is another great way to connect with yourself and to create important memories. In this session we'll maximize 1-2 looks and locations to create a sweet selection of images that captures your true essence and helps you develop your appreciation for your awesome self. You are an important and inspiring badass and you are worthy of documenting the various stages of your epic journey.

Together we can create a collection of confidence-enhancing photographs that will have you feeling all kinds of love for yourself!

2 hr Personalized Portrait Session 
20 professionally retouched digital images
Starting at $800 CAD.

The 1 Hour Session

This quick and easy session will set you up nicely with a concise collection of highly-useable and professional-quality portraits, ideal for updating profile pictures. Although The 1 Hour Session flies by very quickly it provides the perfect amount of time to maximize a single location with 1-2 quick wardrobe changes.  Consult with me to learn more about making the most of this quick and easy session.

Are you looking for more than just a headshot? Then this session is for you.

1 hr Personalized Portrait Session 
10 professionally retouched digital images
Starting at $500 CAD.

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