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I'm passionate about using photography to elevate and inspire women.


Hi! I'm Shannon, I'm a portrait photographer currently based in Toronto, Canada.  I studied photography at Fanshawe College in London Ontario and at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

In 2010, I returned home to Markham Ontario after completing my Photography Degree in Australia. Upon my return I accepted the first photography related job I could find which was a position as a sales associate at a well-established camera store that I ended up working at for over 6 years. Through that opportunity I learned a ton about camera equipment and met a number of photographers that helped me get my feet wet in the industry.

At the time I loved shooting moody fashion portraits and spent a lot of my time putting together little teams of people that were all eager to collaborate.  I always did these shoots for fun and never charged a penny so everything flowed organically, sans stress, almost like time and money didn't even exist. 

I didn't realize it at the time but I had really put myself in a great position to grow as an artist by organizing these low pressure shoots. Lacking that awareness I ended up replacing the creative collaborations with other paying opportunities, usually assisting. 

While I enjoyed learning from the paid opportunities, I always wanted my photography career to look more like the creative collaborations that I organized when I was learning how to use a camera.

In January of 2018 I officially launched my portrait photography business with the goal of providing women with portraits that serve as powerful transformational tools. 


After spending a decade trying and failing to make it as a freelancer in the notoriously male-dominated field of photography, I developed beliefs that as a woman I would never be strong enough to be a leader in the industry. I believed that I would never own a business and accepted that my income would come to me through other photographers hiring me on as their support.

"Armed" with my beliefs, my view of photography as a profession was slowly getting ruined and I knew that if I didn't start doing things differently the thing I loved the most could turn into the thing that I loath the most. 

I started by finally admitting to myself that what I truly wanted was to be a full-time portrait photographer and no longer an assistant. As soon as I admitted this the fear set in.  The fear of knowing that if that was what I really wanted I was going to have to come out and announce it to the world.  I had spent the last decade of my life excelling at blending in, so the thought of suddenly showing up as a portrait photographer after years of being a retail sales associate was absolutely terrifying.

To help manage the fear I took action by entering a mindset coaching program for women lead by a former wedding photographer.  In the program I learned that fear is actually an extremely common reaction to endeavouring with something unknown, like launching a business for the first time for example. I also learned about many other fascinating topics including self image a.k.a. self esteem and how it governs the way we do literally everything and anything.

Inspired by new understandings and ways of thinking, I realized that I wanted to apply my love for portraiture to becoming a specialist at helping women improve their self image through a bespoke professional photography experience so they can operate from a place of confidence! 

Working with Me

I start the process off by qualifying my clients to ensure I understand their needs and offer them guidance towards the session that will work best to meet them.

Once the intention of the image series is established, we'll come up with a game plan which will include the location(s), start time, wardrobe, props, etc. 

The next step is my favourite which is executing the plan! When we meet for the shoot you’ll arrive with your wardrobe and hair/makeup more or less ready togo and I’ll show up equipped with my professional photography gear. We’ll follow the plan as much as it makes sense to. Variables such as weather and lightingmight cause us to make some changes as we go. During my sessions I aim to make my clients feel at ease, similar to how natural they would feel when catching up with an old friend (who in this case, happens to have a really nice camera with them). I don't expect anything from my clients in terms of knowing how to pose. My approach to capturing portraits involves a combination of allowing movements to flow organically and offering as much guidance as necessary to“get the shot”.

After the shoot is complete, you will receive an e-mail from me giving you access to your online proof gallery from which you’ll be able to select your favourite images from our session. Within twoweeks of making your selection, you will receive a series of professionally edited digital images thatwill illustrate you authentically, make you feel unstoppable and help you grow your audience! 

For any inquiries, opportunities or just to say hi, click here.

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