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Working with me is easily broken down into 3 simple steps:

The first step is getting to know each other better while planning the session around your unique character and interests.

The next step is working together to execute the plan.

And the last step is me sending you an online gallery of proofs from which you'll be able to choose your favourite images from the session.  Once your final selection is made, your image collection will be professionally edited and returned to you within 5 business days.


Do I need to have my hair and makeup done professionally for the shoot? Is it provided?

I am a big believer in doing whatever makes you feel most comfortable, confident and like yourself.  My goal is to illustrate you authentically so if you're not into dolling yourself up, then please don't!  Wearing makeup when you're not used to it might make you feel like an imposter which could make it more difficult to get into an authentic vibration during our session.  On the other hand, if getting your hair and makeup done makes you feel pampered and like an enhanced version of yourself then I would highly encourage it and I would happily link you up with some of my favourite professionals. I encourage you to just be you, so I leave it in your hands cause you know you best!

What should I wear?

Just like hair and makeup, feeling comfortable and confident with your wardrobe choice is the biggest priority. For some this means going for the trusty staples in their closet despite some signs of wear and for others this means going shopping to find something crisp and new. Whatever approach feels more like you, I recommend bringing at least two options and making sure they are ironed or steamed prior to the session. I am always happy to offer my honest opinion in order to help you appear your best in your image series.  I can also link you up with a stylist if you would like to explore that option!

Where will the shoot take place?  Are you willing to travel?

Since all the sessions that I offer are entirely personalized, the shoot can take place just about anywhere you like.  I will encourage you to select (well-lit) locations that have meaning to you.  Please note that I am more than happy to travel for sessions and travel fees for sessions booked outside of Toronto will be quoted on a case by case basis. 

What happens if we plan to shoot outside and the weather is bad?

It's important to me that your shoot turns out amazingly! I am happy to evaluate the weather the day of the shoot and reschedule if necessary due to poor weather conditions.

Can I include another person in my session?

Totally.  There is a $50+HST fee to add another person to a session.  This fee covers the additional attention needed during the shooting and editing process.  From there you and your guest can decide whether you want all your photos together, separate or a bit of both.

Do I need to know how to pose or model in order for the photos to turn out?

Lord no! The majority of people that I work with have very little experience being in front of the camera.  I get that being photographed can be nerve wracking and uncomfortable and I am more than happy to use my years of experience photographing people to guide and direct you into looking natural and confident in your photos.

Can I use my photos on social media platforms?

Absolutely! Once your edited photos are returned to you, you can use them however you like! I just ask that none of the proofs are shared since they won't do either one of us as much justice as a nicely edited photo. I also appreciate credit anywhere possible! 

What if I ended up liking more photos than are included in my session?

You can certainly purchase images in addition to the amount that are included in your session.  Just let me know and I will give you the best price that I can!

Are the images in the proof gallery edited?

You will receive a curated gallery of lightly stylistically-edited proofs from which you will be able to select your favourite images.  This means they will be corrected for brightness, colour, cropping making it easier for you to see what the final image will look like.  Once you have chosen your favourites, those images will be given a more thorough edit addressing things like blemishes.

How will I receive my images?

You will receive access to an online gallery from which you can view and download your images in high resolution from any computer connected to internet for at least 6 months!

What kind of editing can I expect?

Your image collection will be stylistically edited with enhancements made to brightness, colour emphasize the overall mood of the session.  As far as extensive retouching goes, I am happy to conceal any distracting blemishes and that's about it.  I love to help women feel empowered and I think the best way of doing this is by celebrating ourselves exactly as we are without feeling like we need to edit ourselves into someone else's standard of beauty.  

Do you offer payment plans

If it is helpful I can absolutely offer a payment plan, get in touch to see how we can break down the payments. 

Please contact me if you have any additional questions!

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